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Professional Experience in Clinical Psychology


today Private Clinic. Therapy and Supervision - children, adolescents and adults - in the spirits of self psychology and the Buddhist philosophy and practice.


Qualification as a Clinical Psychologist-Supervisor at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzlyia


Clinical psychologist at "ADAM Campus" in Lod. Therapy with children, adolescents and adults living in Lod and it's surroundings.


Reut Institute for Psychotherapy – individual therapy with adults.


Internship: child, adolescent and adult treatment, parents' guidance, dynamic groups' moderation, psycho-diagnosis. Sites: The Ramat Aviv Institute for psychoanalytic psychotherapy; Beer Yaakov Mental Health Center


Educational and clinical practicum: child and adolescent treatment, moderation of educational and treatment groups; systemic work with the children, their parents, the education system and the psychological services. Sites: Tel-Aviv child, adolescent and family mental health station; Kiryat Ono psychological-educational services


Adolescents ward, Shalvata Mental Health Center – assistant and moderator in a music-assisted therapy group and an animal-assisted therapy group


Coordinating summer activity of the Adolescents ward at the Shalvata Mental Health Center – extra-departmental therapeutic activity


Volunteering at the Adolescents ward at the Shalvata Mental Health and "Or-Shalom" organization (foster parents homes for children at risk).

Education and Training in Psychology


Completion of two-years of the training program of Self Psychology of the Israeli Association for Self Psychology and the Study of Subjectivity


M.A. Child Clinical Psychology, Tel-Aviv University

                 Thesis: On Narcissism and Selfobject needs – an empirical examination of key constructs in Kohut's psychoanalytic Self Psychology


B.A. Psychology and communication – Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Summa Cum Laude

Other Education and Training


today Studying and practicing Buddhist and Mindfulness philosophies and practices


today Iyengar Yoga teacher training course

Public Activity


Founder and Chair of "Dreamers Home" (NGO)


Founder and Chair of "Social Magic" (NGO) – a model of individual and communal multi system support including psychological, social, legal, economical and employment resolution for citizens living in poverty.


Founder and CEO of "Social Magic" (NGO) – Entrepreneurship, team management and professional guidance, recruitment of partners from the business, public, civil and academic sectors, recruitment and management of volunteers, fund raising, communities building.


Member and volunteer in the Dharma-Friends of Israel (NGO), board member of IFTIP - Israeli Friends of the Tibetan People (NGO). Management of visits and courses in Israel of teachers from the Buddhist believe system, Promotion of social aid activity for the exiled Tibetan people, raising public awareness of the Tibetan cause.


Member, The Israeli Association for Self Psychology and the Study of Subjectivity.

Army Service


Captain, commander of military medic courses. Combat soldier at "Moran" unit.

Deputy Commander of frontal medical company (reserves)

‘Writing a Résumé’ – Wisława Szymborska

What needs to be done?
Fill out the application
and enclose a résumé.

Regardless of the length of life
a résumé is best kept short.

Concise, well-chosen facts are de rigueur.
Landscapes are replaced by addresses,
shaky memories give way to unshakable dates.

Of all your loves mention only the marriage,
of all your children only those who were born.

Who knows you counts more than who you know.
Trips only if taken abroad.
Memberships in what but without why.
Honors, but not how they were earned.

Write as if you’d never talked to yourself
and always kept yourself at arm’s length.

Pass over in silence your dogs, cats, birds,
dusty keepsakes, friends, and dreams.

Price, not worth,
and title, not what’s inside.
His shoe size, not where he’s off to,
that one you pass yourself off as.

In addition, a photograph with one ear showing.
What matters is its shape, not what it hears.
What is there to hear, anyway?
The clatter of paper shredders.

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